Technology of the largest banks is available also to you now

Any modern person uses the software, whether it be Windows or android (IOS). The technology so stepped forward that we shifted bigger quantity of the tasks onto programs: calculation, drawing, , reports. And trade can be delivered in one row with other conveniences, commercial counselors can trade both in the afternoon, and at night. Poorly the successful trader who trades at the nights in the Asian market is represented. It will be similar on tired, eternally not getting enough sleep, the person. Therefore people automate the trade and earn by means of it. We are glad to present you the arbitral adviser of Tiwaz EA. Our product is result of long-term high-frequency trade in the foreign exchange markets and CFD. Our clients are absolutely different people from house traders to bankers. It means that the adviser can be used at all levels from small brokers to bank flows.

It is only some part of reports from trade in our adviser:


Monitoring of one of our clients. After buying tested the small amount and earned at once 2200% of profit. Excellent result.

Our indicative monitoring from the FxPrivate company.

You can find more detailed statistics (video-report, monitoring myfxbook, Statement of Meta Trader 4) on the page of Statistics.

Most of advisers with similar technology have no automatic distribution the fast of quotations. In case of arbitration the main thing to receive not only fast quotations, but also correctly processed. From the famous competitors It should be noted that technologies of transfer leave much to be desired. Any competitor doesn’t transfer data on UDP. This is because it is impossible to combine verification and transmission. We have created a symbiosis of channels, where one does not interfere with another.

The method of obtaining fast flows we have is one of the most important criteria. The same westernpips simply offers its clients to register demo accounts and “stealing” the quotes on the screen. It’s absurd, and we believe that customers are losing a huge amount of time on this. This can be understood even by the fact that windows has an average cycle of 25 ms, the display of the program on the screen takes time, so even a demo account! This product price from 1000 $ to 2000 $. We believe that the customer must pay for specific things. And the main thing is the quality of the product. We all flows are real, and are connected via FIX API. We pay for the rent flows decent money. Therefore, part of a sale always goes to the payment flows.

Not to be unfounded, we present a list of our streams.

  1. LMAX (UK)
  2. FXCM Bank feed (US)
  3. Rithmic (UK) Rithmic (US)
  4. EUREX (UK)
  5. CQG (US)
  6. Bank feed ES (UK)

From this list in the future will be removed very slow flows as unnecessary! At the moment, we have a thread 7 and 2 of them faster than others by 30-60 ms. It is clear, that such number of connections costs considerable money and it yields the results.

We made a quick transfer of quotations between the program Tiwaz Feed and advisers. Remove all extra dll and did pass through the internal memory without cycles, which significantly reduced the transmission time and reducing the load on Windows. Any other competitor by default uses the additional dll for the creation and transmission cycle of the channel. Typically, the delay may be from 2 to 15 ms. In this embodiment, this is about 0 ms.

Our team repeatedly faced with situations where the broker quotes at any given time may diverge. To do this, we have made a few defenses – pulse value for the opening and counting in progress advisor. These procedures allow to filter out a bunch of false signals and create quality, not random, profit.
Easy and informative advisor panel allows you to quickly calculate your risks, analyze the latest deal, clear the screen by trade marks and much more. We have moved away from traditional methods of plugging panels with garbage and left only the most useful.

Do not forget that every successful trader must monitor their trade and take action in case of changes. And given the fact that we work with high-frequency trading, the reaction has to be immediate. It was therefore we have developed several programs for convenience:

Program LogView

The program for the analysis of transactions advisor for any day. The program is being actively developed and refined with the aim of comfortable use. You can identify any patterns of trade execution, slippage, profits and more. More information about the program can be seen in the video below.

Tiwaz Spread Indicator

Very handy indicator to determine the minimum and maximum spreads inside the candle. Most often people use on the news. It is important to consider how much the broker widens the spread during the news publications or speeches of heads of banks.

Earlier, when we still did not have functional advisor protection against a large spread, we came across on the spreads and 25.0 points out, in the best cases, close to zero. With the help of the indicator you can determine the allowable spread for you and put the adviser in security settings.

Indicator Tiwaz Tick

This is a simplified version of the program to compare quotes in real time and analysis of the saved quotes with the news mode. Here you can real-time monitor the expeditious flow of ticks and broker. This makes it possible to analyze the time delay of important events or the situation in general. Most often use such things should be when working with couples AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD. When the news comes directly only one currency pair, it is necessary to control the situation as much as possible. Personally, we always use indicators for further analysis.

It should be noted the informative panel of the adviser also. More about it can be found in the video below. It is good because it allows real-time without having to switch tabs to get information about the slippage time of opening and closing of the transaction, the current spread, and more.